Pardon the terminal preposition, but we would be wise to pay attention to what we pay attention to.  If we want to be persons of integrity, we want to surround ourselves with influences that reinforce our character.

Psalm 101 says, “I will not set my eyes on anything that is base.  To use a contemporary phrase, it makes a difference what content we consume.  What we see and hear not only amuses or entertains, it also shapes us.  We flatter ourselves in thinking that we can dwell on thoughts without being changed.  Charles Spurgeon said, “What fascinates the eye is apt to gain admission into the heart.”

Psalm 101 also says, “I will walk in integrity of heart in my house.”  One cannot control all the influences to which one is subject, nor can one shut oneself off from the world, but there needs to be a time and place where you are paying attention only to the things that are good for your soul.  Think about what your house might be, and be intentional about spending time there.

In our sermon this Sunday we will talk about the value of being immersed in integrity.