The Apostle Paul appointed a young man named Titus to be a pastor on the island of Crete.  Paul told Titus to be an example of integrity.  Three things we learn from the story of Titus.

First, we learn that it matters what you believe.  Paul told Titus to teach what is consistent with sound doctrine.  There is a core to the Christian faith.  The truth matters.  One can’t simply go with what one feels or rely upon opinions.  It matters what you believe.

Second, we learn that we have influence.  Titus structured his church so that one group would mentor another, with Titus taking on the most difficult challenges.  One of the purposes of church is to help believers shape the lives of other believers in a positive way.  We have influence.

Third, we learn that we begin by giving our life to Jesus.  Our goal is to mature and become people of integrity.  The first step is to give our life to Jesus.  Once we have established our identity as people saved through faith in Jesus Christ, we can grow from that point.

In our sermon this Sunday we will look at Titus, the example of integrity.