Think about what makes your family different from other families.  It could be the number of people in your family, or the age of the people in your family, or any of a number of factors.  Here is another consideration: your family is different because they have their own family mission.

Why did God make families?  Families provide for and protect their own.  Families are the primary source of emotional support.  Families are needed to raise children.  Here is one more reason.  Families have their own mission as a part of God’s greater mission to redeem this creation.

Moses told the people of Israel that once they arrived in the land that God was giving them, every family should do all they could to remember the laws God gave them.  They should write the laws on their doorposts and gates.  They should wear the laws on their clothing.  They should talk about the laws when they were home and when they were on the road.  Why this emphasis on remembering the law?  It was crucial that the family not lose sight of their identity as God’s people.  It was important that the family remember its mission.

There are many examples of families that knew their mission.  Some are in the Bible, like the family of Moses and Aaron and Miriam in the Old Testament, or the family of Aquila and Priscilla in the New Testament.  Some are in your church or your neighborhood.  Think about a family you know who has a family mission.  Think about what your family’s mission might be.

In our sermon this Sunday, we will talk about the Family Mission.