Mary, the mother of Jesus, gave one of the great speeches in history.  The speech is called the Magnificat.  In the speech Mary moves from God’s personal blessing upon her to God’s salvation of the world.  The Magnificat teaches us three things:

God is the king.  God not only reigns, he rules.  God continues to intervene in history.  The world is not adrift.  The world is not like a bus racing down the road without a driver.  God is the king.

God keeps his promises.  The birth of Jesus is the fulfillment of the promises that God made long ago to his people Israel.  God has not given  up on them.  God has not given up on us.  God keeps his promises.

God has a plan.  He has a plan to protect and provide for all people  He has a plan to bring peace to this world.  He has a plan that will include everyone.  God’s plan satisfies all our hopes and desires.  God’s plan unifies us.  We fight among ourselves because we differ over the strategies to fix the problems of the world.  God’s plan unites us.  And God’s plan will prevail.

In our sermon this Sunday we will talk about the Magnificat.