You were made for a purpose.  God had a design for your life from before you were born.  “From before the foundation of the world,” is the way the Bible puts it.  You don’t have to assign your own meaning.  God didn’t decide that you weren’t doing anything and so gave you a job to fill your time.  You were made for a purpose.

Your purpose is part of the plan of salvation and sanctification.  Through Jesus Christ, God has delivered us from sin and futility and given us new life.  That is salvation.  Once we accept salvation through Jesus Christ, we spend the remainder of our earthly days growing and maturing.  That is sanctification.  We likely feel gratitude for the salvation and sanctification we have from God.  That gratitude motivates us to fulfill our life’s purpose.

The key question is whether we will live out our purpose.  We want to discern what our purpose might be, but that is not the primary question.  The primary question is whether or not we will live out the purpose God intended for our life.

In our sermon this Sunday, we will look at how every  life has a purpose.